Tanya Bub: Things My Father Taught Me (quantum edition)

Totally Random is a comic for the serious reader who wants to really understand the central mystery of quantum mechanics--entanglement: what it is, what it means, and what you can do with it.  In honor of father's day, we asked author Tanya … [Read More...]

David Grazian: A Sociologist at the zoo, Father’s Day style

This Father’s Day, millions of American families with small children will trek to their local zoos for the pleasures of springtime—afternoons of strolling tree-lined paths, watching lions nap and flamingos dance, hand-feeding elk and free-range … [Read More...]

#WeAreUP: A Mark Saunders-inspired salute to sales reps

As I write, I am returning from four days in the incredible and inspiring company of the AUPresses community.  The spirit of our collective is working to rebuild itself around the chasm created by the loss of one of its finest craftsmen, Mark … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday – The Purple Finch (as seen on BirdGenie!)

This week’s Bird Fact Friday highlights the Purple Finch, as seen on BirdGenie. Here are some interesting facts about the bird: The Purple Finch is chunky, seed-crackling, and musical. They are short distance migrants who spend summers in … [Read More...]

Insect of the Week: Beekeeping in Ancient Egypt

Adapted from pages 58-59 of The Lives of Bees: The earliest known evidence of hive beekeeping is the stone bas-relief carving shown in Figure 3.3 (below), which dates to 2400 bce, or nearly 4,500 years ago, when honey and dates were the chief … [Read More...]

What is Calculus?

By Oscar Fernandez This is the first of three short articles exploring calculus. This article briefly explores its origins. The second and third articles explore its substance and impact, respectively. They will be published in the coming … [Read More...]

Producing non-fiction audiobooks

Jennifer Howard is Director at Sound Understanding. She was previously Head of BBC Audio Production and also Director of Talking Issues. Once upon a time, an audiobook was something your grandmother borrowed from the library. The shoebox-sized case … [Read More...]

World Oceans Day: Safeguarding the Oceans for Future Generations

The ocean covers more than two thirds of the surface of our planet, and is the mysterious home of countless species. The seemingly endless sea, both evocative and intimidating, can strike us as eternal, unchanging, infinite. However, despite … [Read More...]

On the Future by Martin Rees