Downloadable Quick Finders from The Warbler Guide

You asked, we listened.

The minute people got their hands on The Warbler Guide by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle, they started asking if we might provide downloadable versions of the Quick Finder section. Thank you for all the great suggestions!

We are very pleased to offer these image files for people to download, laminate, and keep in their backpack. They are incredibly useful in the field because they present a quick snapshot of every North American species of warbler for side-by-side comparison.

So pick your favorite format below — JPG or PDF — and make sure you pick up a copy of The Warbler Guide to confirm your field IDs.

Update: You can also download a complete set of the PDFs in a zip file or as a zip file of JPGs if you prefer.

Update: Take your Warbler ID skills to the next level with this free tip sheet on aging and sexing warblers. [added 10-4-2013]

Update: This free tip sheet will help you age and sex fall West Coast Warblers. [added 9-8-2014]


Face Quick Finder Face Quick Finder PDF | JPG
45 Degree Quick Finder 45 Degree Quick Finder PDF | JPG
East Fall Quick Finder East Fall Quick Finder PDF | JPG
East Spring Quick Finder East Spring Quick Finder PDF | JPG
Side Quick Finder Side Quick Finder PDF | JPG
Undertails Quick Finder Undertails Quick Finder PDF | JPG
Underview Quick Finder Underview Quick Finder PDF | JPG
West Quick Finder Western Quick Finder PDF | JPG


  1. Thanks so much for providing these downloads. What a helpful resource. (We are much enjoying the book as well!)

  2. Arthur Goldsmith says:

    Thanks, these are going to up my warbler game!

  3. Ann Nightingale says:

    Awesome resource! Thanks so much (and yes, I’ll be buying the book as well!)

  4. Kathy Mullins-Engelhardt says:

    These are very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a fantastic book! And these quick guides only add to the great info on the greatest birds on earth!

  6. Very amazing!Thank you for sharing.

  7. Charles LaRosa says:

    Very cool share! Keep it coming!

  8. Sue Johnson, Port Clinton, Ohio says:

    Just received my copy of this new book and love, love, love it! So well done.

  9. Jeff Miller says:

    They are AWESOME! Is there a sparrow version?

  10. Is there any other way to get this guide? My computer is like a Christmas tree when I go to download saying it has a virus, etc.

    • Jessica Pellien says:

      Eva –

      I’ll send you the files via email.

      Jessica Pellien
      Assistant Director of Publicity


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