Bird Fact Friday: The Blue Jay (As Seen on BirdGenie!)

This week's Bird Fact Friday highlights the Blue Jay, as seen on BirdGenie. Here are some interesting facts about the bird: These are social, intelligent, alarm birds. They're common in the Eastern US and Canada. They prefer forest edges, … [Read More...]

InDialogue with Thomas Seeley and Nick Haddad: Why is insect conservation important?

The PUP Ideas blog is pleased to announce our new InDialogue series. In keeping with our mission to provide a range of perspectives and voices, each month we'll be posing a big question to a pair of authors. With Earth Day fast approaching, we've … [Read More...]

Clifford Bob on Rights as Weapons

Rights are usually viewed as defensive concepts representing mankind’s highest aspirations to protect the vulnerable and uplift the downtrodden. But since the Enlightenment, political combatants have also used rights belligerently, to batter despised … [Read More...]

Jonathan Bate on How the Classics Made Shakespeare

Ben Jonson famously accused Shakespeare of having “small Latin and less Greek.” But he was exaggerating. Shakespeare was steeped in the classics. Shaped by his grammar school education in Roman literature, history, and rhetoric, he moved to London, a … [Read More...]

William L. Silber: Invest Like Buffett…Buy Silver When It’s Cheap, but Don’t Repeat his Mistake

The global economy in 2019 may seem unsettled because of trade wars and friction in the European Union, but it is nothing compared with the Great Recession. Few worry today about the collapse of the world financial system, a serious concern ten years … [Read More...]

Austin Smith on Becoming a Poet

Because my father is a poet, I met many poets as a boy. They would come to Freeport, Illinois to read through a series curated by the poet and provocateur Kent Johnson, who taught Spanish at the community college: Gary Snyder, Wendell Berry, Forrest … [Read More...]

International Sales Director Andrew Brewer: A Visit to Australia

Australia is large and a very long way away from the US and UK. These are well-known facts about the country. Less well-known, but common knowledge at the Press, is that Australia is a vibrant English-language book market, with a flourishing … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday: The American Goldfinch (as seen on BirdGenie!)

This week's Bird Fact Friday highlights the American Goldfinch, as seen on BirdGenie. Here are some interesting facts about the bird: They are acrobatic, gregarious, and vocal They're common throughout much of North America in weedy fields, … [Read More...]

On the Future by Martin Rees