PUP’s International Rights Director: A booth of one’s own

by Kimberly Williams I’m taking a moment out of my hectic post-London Book Fair schedule to reflect on what was our busiest ever LBF, at least from an international rights perspective. Not only did we hold a record number of meetings with our … [Read More...]

Keith Devlin: Fibonacci introduced modern arithmetic —then disappeared

More than a decade ago, Keith Devlin, a math expositor, set out to research the life and legacy of the medieval mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, popularly known as Fibonacci, whose book Liber abbaci has quite literally affected the lives of everyone … [Read More...]

Congratulations to Michèle Lamont, Winner of the 2017 Erasmus Prize

We're thrilled to announce that Michèle Lamont, coauthor of Getting Respect, has won the 2017 Erasmus Prize, awarded by the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation.  The Erasmus Prize is awarded annually to a person or institution that has made an … [Read More...]

Evgeny Finkel on his new book, Ordinary Jews

Focusing on the choices and actions of Jews during the Holocaust, Ordinary Jews: Choice and Survival During the Holocaust examines the different patterns of behavior of civilians targeted by mass violence. Relying on rich archival material and … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday – What’s the best weather for peak hawk flights?

From page 10 in Hawks from Every Angle: During spring, many peak flights occur ahead of a warm front, as birds heading north use southerly prevailing winds. Most fall flights occur after the passage of a cold front, when northerly winds that … [Read More...]

Oscar E. Fernandez on The Calculus of Happiness

If you think math has little to do with finding a soulmate or any other "real world" preoccupations, Oscar Fernandez says guess again. According to his new book, The Calculus of Happiness, math offers powerful insights into health, wealth, and love, … [Read More...]

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