Announcing the 2018 Bookselling Without Borders International Book Fair Scholarship for US Booksellers

NEW YORK, New York (January 16, 2018) — A partnership of seven independent publishers (Catapult, Europa Editions, Graywolf, The New Press, Other Press, Princeton University Press, Rutgers University Press) announces the 2018 Bookselling Without … [Read More...]

Bryan Caplan on The Case against Education

Despite being immensely popular—and immensely lucrative—education is grossly overrated. In this explosive book, Bryan Caplan argues that the primary function of education is not to enhance students' skill but to certify their intelligence, work … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday – The Barn Swallow

Adapted from page 160 of Birds of the Masai Mara: The Barn Swallow is a blue swallow with a red throat and pale belly. Familiar to many visitors from outside of Kenya, the Barn Swallow is among the most cosmopolitan of all bird species. It is a … [Read More...]

Insect of the Week: the Cabbage Looper

Adapted from pages 102-103 of Garden Insects of North America: Despite its name, the cabbage looper is not limited to mustard family plants but may also damage plants as diverse as potatoes, tomatoes, peas, lettuce, spinach, nasturtium, and … [Read More...]

Tim Rogan: What’s Wrong with the Critique of Capitalism Now

What’s wrong with capitalism? Answers to that question today focus on material inequality. Led by economists and conducted in utilitarian terms, the critique of capitalism in the twenty-first century is primarily concerned with disparities in income … [Read More...]

Jerry Z. Muller on The Tyranny of Metrics

Today, organizations of all kinds are ruled by the belief that the path to success is quantifying human performance, publicizing the results, and dividing up the rewards based on the numbers. But in our zeal to instill the evaluation process with … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday – the Common Kestrel

Adapted from page 51 of Birds of the Masai Mara: The Common Kestrel is a brown-backed falcon with a long tail. Found in singles and groups, these kestrels are frequently seen hovering over the grass in search of small prey before diving … [Read More...]

Check out our Spring 2018 preview

We're thrilled to present a preview of our Spring 2018 books. From The Tyranny of Metrics to Van Gogh and the Seasons, we're looking forward to bringing forth a range of titles across disciplines in the coming months. Check out the video below or our … [Read More...]