Peter Lindert & Jeffrey Williamson: Will the rise in inequality ever stop?

By Peter H. Lindert and Jeffrey G. Williamson Could the steep rise in the share of income gains falling into the hands of the top one percent of Americans since the 1970s have been stopped, and will the rise stop in the near future? A newly revealed … [Read More...]

Bee Hunting—Tools of the Trade

In Following the Wild Bees, Thomas Seeley provides a handy how-to guide on the ancient practice of bee hunting. Bee hunting involves luring bees to a honeycomb filled with homemade sugar syrup and then, once they’ve had their fill, tracking them as … [Read More...]

Firefly Fact Friday – Why did fireflies’ light first evolve?

“Many poisonous or distasteful animals use bright coloration—often yellow, orange, red, and black—to warn off potential predators…. But firefly larvae are active mainly at night or underground, where such bright colors would be futile. A light in the … [Read More...]

Jason Stanley: How free market ideology perverts the vocabulary of democracy

By Jason Stanley This essay appears simultaneously in Aeon Magazine and is republished with permission in our Election 2016 series Citizens of the United States are quite taken with the vocabulary of liberal democracy, with words such as ‘freedom’ … [Read More...]

Lee Alston: Is Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment a coup or Brazil’s window of opportunity?

(This article was originally published on The Conversation. Lee Alston is co-author of Brazil in Transition) “Brazil’s young democracy is being subjected to a coup,” said Dilma Rousseff after the Senate on May 12 voted 55 to 22 to remove her as … [Read More...]

New trailer for Listening to a Continent Sing

In Listening to a Continent Sing, Donald Kroodsma tells the story of a ten-week, ten-state bicycle adventure he shared with his son. The book features QR codes that link to audio of birdsong they recorded on their journey. Check out our new trailer … [Read More...]