Bird Fact Friday — Pallas’s Gull

Adapted from pages 46-48 of Gulls of the World: Pallas's Gull is a four-year gull, but with initial rapid plumage development as in three-year gulls. The largest hooded gull by far, Pallas’s Gull is almost as large as Great … [Read More...]

Asma Naeem on Black Out

Before the advent of photography in 1839, Americans were consumed by the fashion for silhouette portraits. Black Out: Silhouettes Then and Now, the first major publication to focus on the development of silhouettes, gathers leading experts to shed … [Read More...]

Dog Days of Summer: Communication & Ritualization

Adapted from pages 98-100 of The Dog: It is beyond question that animal communication is a complex phenomenon that often gives the impression that the observed behavior is brought about by high-level cognitive … [Read More...]

Amazing Arachnids: Pirate Spiders

Adapted from pages 285 to 286 of Amazing Arachnids: With infinite patience, the pirate spider Mimetus slips into the web of an orb weaver and approaches its prey. Its progress is almost imperceptible as it pauses for … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday—Giant Hummingbirds

Adapted from page 156 of Birds of Chile: The Andean Giant Hummingbird is from the North Andes, and is fairly common in precordillera, south of Tarapacá. Their wingbeats are slow and strong, which causes undulating flight broken by … [Read More...]

The Dog Days of Summer: How Dogs Play

Adapted from pages 92-95 of The Dog: In social species, play represents one of the most complex interactions between two members of a group. The behavior elements displayed during play are actions borrowed from various … [Read More...]

Amazing Arachnids: Tarantulas

Adapted from pages 165-172 of Amazing Arachnids: Tarantulas range in size from the largest spider in the world, Theraphosa blondi of South America, with a leg span of up to about 10 inches (25 cm), to Aphonopelma paloma, with a … [Read More...]

Marcin Wodziński on Historical Atlas of Hasidism

Historical Atlas of Hasidism is the very first cartographic reference book on one of the modern era's most vibrant and important mystical movements. Featuring sixty-one large-format maps and a wealth of illustrations, charts, and tables, this … [Read More...]

On the Future by Martin Rees