Firefly Fact Friday – Every man for himself

“But we’ve learned that synchrony, or paradoxically cooperative male behavior, is merely the first stage in these [Photinus carolinus] fireflies’ courtship rituals; once a female appears on the scene, males’ cooperation abruptly ends. Now it’s every … [Read More...]

James Campbell: Just how polarized are our politics?

The United States of today is a divided nation, with two sides resting on opposite ends of a political spectrum.  James Campbell's new book Polarized: Making Sense of a Divided America provides a new and historically grounded perspective on the … [Read More...]

Harold Bloom reads from Corrupted into Song: The Complete Poems of Alvin Feinman

We are proud to have published Corrupted into Song: The Complete Works of Alvin Feinman. Though his poetry is lyrically intense and philosophically ambitious, Feinman published sparsely and remained largely unknown when he died in 2008. This is the … [Read More...]

Ben Peters on Keywords: Digital & Analog

This post appears concurrently at Culture Digitally. The popular opposition between “analog” and “digital,” to put it in a nutshell, is wrong. Two essays in the Digital Keywords volume—Jonathan Sterne’s “Analog” and my own “Digital”—frame this … [Read More...]

Firefly Fact Friday – Energy Efficient Bugs

This week's Firefly Fact is from Sara Lewis, author of Silent Sparks: Fireflies make their light with higher efficiency than any other bioluminescent creature. Although often quoted as nearly 100%, recent measurements of quantum yield estimate … [Read More...]