Christopher Kelty on participation in an information culture

This post appears concurrently at Culture Digitally. Christopher Kelty’s broad-minded and brilliant essay on participation is a welcomed participant in the Digital Keywords volume. It both intellectually broadens as well as analytically tightens … [Read More...]

Gabriella Coleman on the hacker stereotype

This post appears concurrently at Culture Digitally. Gabriella Coleman critiques the stereotype of a hacker as a white male libertarian. In its place, and through a rich history of its varied sources and expressions, she uncovers an underlying … [Read More...]

Emperor Nero and the “unteachability of mankind”

Ancient Rome has long been a source of fascination and enjoys a significant presence in popular culture, though in film and fiction, the life depicted is often highly romanticized. In their new book The Emperor Nero: A Guide to the Ancient Sources, … [Read More...]

Mary Jacobus on Cy Twombly, “a poet in paint”

What does it mean to call an artist “a poet in paint,” as one of Twombly’s supporters did at the outset of his career? And what does it mean to bring poetry into painting and drawing, as Twombly’s artistic practice does? In Reading Cy Twombly: Poetry … [Read More...]

Firefly Fact Friday – Every man for himself

“But we’ve learned that synchrony, or paradoxically cooperative male behavior, is merely the first stage in these [Photinus carolinus] fireflies’ courtship rituals; once a female appears on the scene, males’ cooperation abruptly ends. Now it’s every … [Read More...]