Bird Fact Friday — The Sword-billed Hummingbird

From page 134 of Wildlife of Ecuador: The Sword-billed Hummingbird has the longest bill in proportion to its body of any bird on earth. Reaching up to 11cm (4.25in) long, the bill nearly equals the length of its large body. Males are solid green, … [Read More...]

Anna Frebel: Solar Eclipse 2017

Next Monday, the U.S. will witness an absolutely breathtaking natural spectacle. One worthy of many tweets as it is of the astronomical kind—quite literally. I'm talking about the upcoming total solar eclipse where, for a short couple of minutes, the … [Read More...]

Alexandra Logue: Not All Excess Credits Are The Students’ Fault

This post was originally published on Alexandra Logue's blog.  A recent article in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis reported on an investigation of policies punishing students for graduating with excess credits.  Excess credit hours are … [Read More...]

Omnia El Shakry: Psychoanalysis and Islam

Omnia El Shakry's new book, The Arabic Freud, is the first in-depth look at how postwar thinkers in Egypt mapped the intersections between Islamic discourses and psychoanalytic thought. What are the very first things that pop into your mind when … [Read More...]

Scheidel, Lo, and Tirole longlisted for FT & McKinsey Business Books of the Year

The longlist for the Financial Times & McKinsey Business Books of the Year Award was announced on August 14th, and we're thrilled that once again the list of finalists includes several Princeton University Press books: The Great Leveler by … [Read More...]

PUP Celebrates The Total Eclipse with Three Giveaways

In celebration of the solar eclipse on August 21, Princeton University Press will be hosting three giveaways. If you'd like the chance to learn more about astronomy after next week's solar event, you're in luck. We'll be giving away three of our … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday — All About the Red-masked Parakeet

From page 112 of Wildlife of Ecuador: The Red-masked Parakeet is an attractive parakeet that shows a bold red mask with a contrasting white eye-ring. It is overall light olive green, and yellowish under the longish tail; in flight it shows red … [Read More...]

John Kricher on The New Neotropical Companion (revised & expanded)

The New Neotropical Companion by John Kricher is the completely revised and expanded edition of a book that has helped thousands of people to understand the complex ecology and natural history of the most species-rich area on Earth, the American … [Read More...]

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