Bird Fact Friday – Weekly Warbler: Worming-eating

Welcome back to the warblers! From page 460-461 in The Warbler Guide: The worm-eating warbler can be identified by its mustard-colored head with four bold black stripes. It has long, pale, and slightly curved bill, and plain, dusky-olive back and … [Read More...]

The Brooklyn Nobody Knows: Flatbush

Sociologist William B. Helmreich’s urban walking guide, The Brooklyn Nobody Knows, details the beauty, diversity and history that combine to make Brooklyn what is arguably New York’s hottest borough. By simply walking around, talking … [Read More...]

Cipher challenge #2 from Joshua Holden: Subliminal channels

The Mathematics of Secrets by Joshua Holden takes readers on a tour of the mathematics behind cryptography. Most books about cryptography are organized historically, or around how codes and ciphers have been used in government and military … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday—Weekly Warbler: Black-and-White

Welcome back to the warblers! As we approach the launch of our long-awaited Warbler Guide App for Android, we're highlighting some fun facts about the warblers with a new Weekly Warbler feature. Kicking it off today is the black and white … [Read More...]

Happy birthday, John Singer Sargent

Over on Instagram we're giving a shout out to John Singer Sargent, born 161 years ago today. Kilmurray & Ormond's lavish book on his work has been in print for 18 years, and remains a perennial favorite. Here it is perched on our courtyard steps, … [Read More...]

10 facts about the early life of Ernst Kantorowicz

In this first complete biography of Ernst Kantorowicz (1895–1963), Robert E. Lerner takes an in depth look at an influential and controversial German-American intellectual whose colorful and dramatic life intersected with many of the great events and … [Read More...]

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