Bird Fact Friday – The bird in the mirror

From page 138 of Bird Brain: Mirrors have been used in experiments with birds to test if they have a sense of self. Different species of birds react in different ways when confronted with their reflection. For example, flamingos will only mate … [Read More...]

Jason Stanley: On the Question of the Stability of Democracy

After a divisive election, the question of democracy’s stability has again commanded public attention. What has philosophy said to this, one of our discipline’s foundational questions? Plato and Aristotle both regarded stability as a vital metric … [Read More...]

Doom vs. Boom: Robert Gordon and Joel Mokyr on the future of American growth

From Northwestern Now: It has been called the 'clash of titans.' Two of the biggest names in economics research–Bob Gordon and Joel Mokyr – have been battling it out in the press for years with fiery arguments in the Wall Street Journal and the New … [Read More...]

Eléna Rivera on her new collection, Scaffolding

Eléna Rivera's new collection of poems, Scaffolding, is a sequence of eighty-two sonnets written over the course of a year, dated and arranged in roughly chronological order. The work vividly reflects life in New York City, where Rivera resides. A … [Read More...]

Joel Mokyr: How the modern economy was born

Before 1800, the majority of people lived on the verge of subsistence. In A Culture of Growth: The Origins of the Modern Economy, esteemed historian Joel Mokyr explains why in the industrialized world such a standard of living has grown increasingly … [Read More...]

Mark Williams: A look at Irish gods and their legacy

Ageless fairies inspired J.R.R. Tolkien’s immortal elves; W. B. Yeats invoked Irish divinities to reimagine the national condition. Why have Ireland's mythical beings loomed so large in the world’s imagination? In Ireland's Immortals: A History … [Read More...]