Bird Fact Friday – What Do Bird Brains Do?

Adapted from pages 20-21 of Bird Brain: Brains are a means of interacting with the world, receiving information from different senses— sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste—which is then interpreted by being compared with stored representations … [Read More...]

Public Thinker: T. L. Taylor On Gamergate, Live-Streaming, and Esports

This article was originally published by Public Books and is reprinted here with permission. The qualitative sociologist T. L. Taylor is a professor of Comparative Media Studies at MIT and cofounder and director of research for AnyKey, … [Read More...]

Adom Getachew: The Anti-imperial Vision of the Postwar International Order

On a petition with almost 500 signatures that first appeared as a paid advertisement in the New York Times, leading scholars of international relations defended postwar international institutions like the United Nations, NATO, the World Trade … [Read More...]

Sharon Marcus: Sarah Bernhardt, the Godmother of Modern Celebrity Culture

Celebrity is probably as old as language itself. It’s easy to imagine prehistoric humans using speech to gossip about people they had never met in person but could talk about as if they had. Recent history, however, tends to contrast celebrity to … [Read More...]

‘Cute’ around the world

Cuteness has taken the planet by storm. Global sensations Hello Kitty and Pokémon, the works of artists Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons, Heidi the cross-eyed opossum and E.T.—all reflect its gathering power. But what does “cute” mean, as a … [Read More...]

Sarah Miller Davenport: Racists in Congress fought statehood for Hawaii, but lost that battle 60 years ago

Sarah Miller Davenport, University of Sheffield Sixty years ago, Dwight Eisenhower signed legislation making Hawaii America’s 50th state. The Hawaii admission act followed a centuries-old tradition in which American territories –acquired through … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday: New Thinking on the Avian Brain

Adapted from pages 17 of Bird Brain: The 1990s saw a flurry of interesting studies on avian behaviors thought to be uniquely human or only seen in great apes. Gavin Hunt found that New Caledonian crows made two different types of tools—Pandanus … [Read More...]

90 Years Ago Today: Einstein’s 50th Birthday

This post is made available by the Einstein Papers Project.  Einstein’s fiftieth birthday appears to have been more of a cause for celebration by others than for himself. Having lived under intense scrutiny from the (mostly) adoring public … [Read More...]

On the Future by Martin Rees