Bird Fact Friday – 50 Shades of Grouse

From page 9 of The Birdwatcher’s Companion to North American Birdlife: For many species of grouse during courtship rituals, the male will act aggressively towards the female and treat her as a rival before responding to the female’s attempts to … [Read More...]

Interview with Sean B. Carroll, author of The Serengeti Rules

In the fields of biological and environmental studies, Sean B. Carroll has made a name for himself not only as a scientist, writer, and educator, but as a storyteller. In his newest book, The Serengeti Rules: The Quest to Discover How Life Works and … [Read More...]

Affordable Housing in New York: An Exhibition

From February 10, 2016 to May 15, 2016, the Hunter East Harlem Gallery in New York is hosting a new exhibition called Affordable Housing in New York: The People, Places, and Policies that Transformed a City, as a gallery component to the book by … [Read More...]

Q&A with Lauren Arrington, author of Revolutionary Lives

In the period sometimes referred to as the Irish Revolution, upheaval led to unreliable witness accounts and buried historical evidence that has only recently come to historians' attention. Lauren Arrington explores these untapped resources and the … [Read More...]

Congratulations to Sean B. Carroll on an outstanding achievement

Sean B. Carroll has earned The Rockefeller University’s Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science. He joins the ranks of such esteemed authors as Atul Gawande, E.O. Wilson, and many others. The much-deserved award honors him for an impressive body … [Read More...]

Daniel Schlozman: Why Bernie Sanders is getting movements’ cold shoulder

The New Establishment versus the New Movements by Daniel Schlozman The candidate who wants to ignite a movement is getting movements’ cold shoulder. From unions like AFSCME and the SEIU to the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the Human … [Read More...]