Face Value: Eyebrows

In Face Value: The Irresistible Influence of First Impressions, Princeton professor of psychology Alexander Todorov delves into the science of first impressions. Throughout the month of May, we’ll be sharing examples of his … [Read More...]

Bird Fact Friday – Harris’s Hawks hunt cooperatively

From page 190-191 in Raptors of Mexico and Central America: The Harris's Hawk preys mainly on mammals, especially rabbits, and birds, but also lizards and insects. They hunt on the wing and from perches. Cooperative hunting occurs more often in … [Read More...]

Dominic Couzens: The extraordinary (and overlooked) water shrew

Ask most people whether they have heard of a water shrew and they'll shake their head. If you tell them that there are 1.9 million water shrews in Britain and that they have a poisonous bite, then those same people are likely to raise their eyebrows, … [Read More...]

Hay Festival: A Literary Vacation

Hay Festival is an annual literature festival that takes place in Hay-on-Wye in Wales. In 2001, Bill Clinton described it as, "the Woodstock of the mind." This year, Hay Festival takes place 25 May – 4 June, bringing writers and readers together to … [Read More...]

Tuesday’s Trot – Belgian

From page 166 in Horses of the World: 5 things you should know about the Belgian draft horse, the most powerful of all draft horses: 1. The Belgian draft horse is tall, very massive, and very muscular. It can easily surpass a ton in weight. 2. The … [Read More...]

Browse Our New History of Science & History of Knowledge 2017 Catalog

Our new History of Science and History of Knowledge catalog includes a fascinating account of the spread of Einstein's theory of relativity, a timeless defense of the value of basic research, and a new history of archaeology from Eric … [Read More...]

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