News from Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair is traditionally a very fruitful and interesting venture for the international rights team at PUP, and this year was no exception. The Fair was buzzing with news of a forthcoming book by Robert Shiller –  a book on how finance could be a force for good – which is a topic that couldn’t be more pressing, whether you’re in Taiwan, Berlin or Sao Paulo. We received several offers for the book throughout the fair from some of our favourite international publishing partners as well as some publishers new to licensing with PUP. Watch this space for news of final deals!

PUP's rights manager pitches books to international publishers

Our popular science titles proved well, popular, with a range of our foreign publishing partners, who were especially interested in Mark Levi’s Why Cats Land on their Feet and Neil A. Downie’s The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science. A sleeper hit at the fair for PUP was the brand new 2,000 year old text from Quintus Tullius Cicero, How to Win an Election, with introduction and notes by Philip Freeman. With elections looming in France, Italy, and Germany this bit of ancient campaign wisdom went down well.

All in all, it was a very successful fair, with more than 70 appointments over 5 days, and a terrific repose to our strong list for spring 2012.