Raptors from The Crossley ID Guide

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The Crossley ID Guide Sampler contains the following images. These images are available to use/link, but please provide credit to The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors, Princeton University Press, 2013.

Click on the images below to open a mid-sized version of the image. Click again on the mid-sized image to open a full-sized version.

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1 Red-tailed Hawk 2 Golden Eagle 3 Bald Eagle
 Red-tailed Hawk  Golden Eagle  Bald Eagle
4 Peregrine Falcon 5 Sharp-Shinned Hawk 6 Red-shouldered Hawk
 Peregrine Falcon  Sharp-Shinned Hawk  Red-Shouldered Hawk
7 Harrier 8 Osprey 9 American Kestrel
 Harrier  Osprey  American Kestrel
10 Merlin 11 Turkey Vulture 12 Eastern Raptors
 Merlin  Turkey Vulture  Eastern Raptors mix
13 Widespread Common Raptors Mystery Plate 14 Backlit Raptors 15 Cooper's Hawk
 Common Raptors Mystery Plate  Effect of Sun  Cooper’s Hawk