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Terms Of Author Grant Of Rights To The Press
Reuse by Media

Princeton University Press (the “Press” or “we,” “us,” “our”) is the owner of the Princeton University Press Blog located at any subdomains (the “Blog”).

Terms Of Author Grant Of Rights To The Press
Author is defined as an individual or individuals whose work (whether such work is original content or content featuring text from any book under agreement between said individual(s) and the Press [the “Book(s)”]), has been chosen for inclusion on the Blog (collectively, the “Material”).

Upon written agreement between the Author and the Press, Author agrees to extend a perpetual nonexclusive worldwide fully-paid up license (the “License”) to the Press to:

  1. include the Material on the Blog,
  2. reprint Material in any digital or print format to promote or advertise the Author, the Author’s Book(s), the Material, or the Press; and
  3. and to transfer said License to media contacts in the best interest of publicizing said Material or Book(s).

Author shall retain all other rights to the Material for Author’s unlimited use, notwithstanding any other written agreement between the Author and the Press.

The Author hereby represents and warrants that:

  1. Author is the proprietor of the Material and that the Author has full power to extend the License; if the Material is joint-authored the Author agrees to obtain the necessary written permission from any co-authors.
  2. the Material does not infringe the copyright or other proprietary rights of any other person;
  3. the Material contains no libelous or other unlawful matter and makes no improper invasion of the privacy of any other persons;
  4. all statements in the Material asserted as fact are true and accurate or are properly based upon generally accepted professional research practice.

Author agrees to indemnify and hold the Press harmless from all claims which arise from Author’s violation of any of the representations and warranties contained herein.

Reuse by Media
The Press encourages the reuse of all Material featured on the Blog. All articles may be reprinted online without further written permission under the condition that such permission is nonexclusive and nontransferable and that the Material is (i) reprinted as verbatim text as originally appeared on the Blog; (ii) not sold for any commercial use; (iii) credited “As originally appeared on the Princeton University Press Blog,” (iv) accompanied by a direct link back to the Blog; and (v) not used in any illegal manner, including any manner that would be defamatory to the reputation of the Press or its Authors. For questions, including those regarding print permission or permission for articles not tagged as Media Reprint, please contact the Blog Editor at

If material has been tagged PUP Blog Creative Commons (PUPCC), the permitted reuse terms are defined by the respective PUPCC license.

The opinions expressed on the Princeton University Press Blog, including those of Authors published by the Princeton University Press, are not necessarily the opinions of the Press, are written independent of, and without collaboration with, the Press and are solely the responsibility of those Authors and not the responsibility of the Press.

These reuse terms are effective and were last updated on March 1, 2017.