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What is March Mathness?Tim Chartier explains March Mathness in this interview, but essentially this is a chance to bring the power of mathematical methods of rating and ranking to bear on the March Madness college basketball tournament.

Who is Participating?

Last year, we followed the results of participants from seven schools and we have created an ESPN Challenge Group so anyone can join in.

How Does It Work?

Pick your brackets for the tournament and share them with our ESPN group. Check back here from time to time for updates on how our group is faring and at the end of March Madness we will reveal the best method for picking the winner.

How Do You Know Who’s #1?

In 2012, we published a book called Who’s #1? by Amy Langville and Carl Meyer. This book reveals the math behind several major methods of ranking sports teams and can help you avoid bracket disaster. In the past, students we followed used these mathematical methods to fill out their brackets and you are welcome to do so too, but it is not required. You might even want to design your own algorithm.

What Will You Post?

We would like to know how you fill out your brackets. Throughout the tournament we will check in with you to see how your method is doing.