How to Use The Warbler Guide‘s Quick Finders

Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle have created the most innovative and complete guide to warblers available in their forthcoming book The Warbler Guide. We will be posting a series of videos that highlight and explain how to use some of the key features of the book over the coming weeks. In this video, they explain how readers can easily find any warbler featured in the book using the visual and audio Quick Finders printed throughout the book.

Click here to learn more about The Warbler Guide. The book will be available July 2013.

For more tips on how to use The Warbler Guide and how to identify warblers in the field, please see additional videos in this series.

The Unfeathered Bird author at Nature Live

Katrina Van Grouw appeared at Nature Live at the Natural History Museum. In this short video, she describes the audience she had in mind as she wrote The Unfeathered Bird.

“I found the first ballistic capture orbit to the moon with a painting,” Ed Belbruno

Ed Belbruno’s life and discoveries are the subject of a new documentary titled Painting the Way to the Moon by Jacob Akira Okada. Belbruno, a trained mathematician, discovered new ways to navigate the universe by taking advantage of gravitational pulls of various celestial bodies. Because of his work, space missions now use less fuel to traverse the stars and planets. And millions of Angry Birds Space fans should also thank Belbruno because his research is what determines the birds’ trajectories around space bodies and through gravitational pulls to eventual pig annihilation.

In the documentary, Belbruno, a brilliant painter in addition to mathematician and space scientist, credits his discovery to a Van Gogh-style painting he made of possible travel routes through space for his inspiration. Enjoy the complete trailer below:

Curious about Belbruno’s research? Please check out these Princeton University Press titles. Fly Me to the Moon is intended for general audiences, while Capture Dynamics and Chaotic Motions in Celestial Mechanics is a specialized textbook.



Fly Me to the Moon
An Insider’s Guide to the New Science of Space Travel
Edward Belbruno
With a foreword by Neil deGrasse Tyson



Capture Dynamics and Chaotic Motions in Celestial Mechanics
With Applications to the Construction of Low Energy Transfers
Edward Belbruno

Leonard Barkan on Mute Poetry, Speaking Pictures


Mute Poetry, Speaking Pictures
Leonard Barkan

Lynn Vavreck and John Sides explain why and how they wrote The Gamble

Read up on the unique publishing story of The Gamble here:


Download THE GAMBLE: “The Hand You’re Dealt” here:

Download THE GAMBLE: “Random, or Romney?” here:


Thank you to UCLA for creating this wonderful interview.

New YouTube video for popular science title, ‘Cells to Civilizations’

Cells to Civilizations

Award winning scientist Enrico Coen’s new book, ‘Cells to Civilizations: The Principles of Change That Shape Life‘ , is published this month. He talks here about the ideas behind the book:

Interview with Ed Burger, author of The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking publishes in September 2012 and you can find more information about it on our site.

“I remember as a kid in school being told by teachers to think harder and having no idea what to do. This book solves that once and for all. We now have a guide for people of all ages to learn how to think more effectively. I highly recommend this book.”–Jack Canfield, cocreator of the New York Times best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles

“Andrew Delbanco, Why did you write your book, College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be?”

Mark the 350th anniversary of Koxinga’s conquest of Taiwan with a book trailer!

Today marks the anniversary of the Chinese warlord Koxinga’s victory over the Dutch during the Sino-Dutch War–China’s first war with Europe. Emory University has put together this fun book trailer for Tonio Andrade and his new book Lost Colony: The Untold Story of China’s First Great Victory over the West, which shows how Koxinga outfoxed the Dutch at every turn to capture Taiwan:

Happy Year of the Dragon!

Book Trailer for In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman

Persi Diaconis on his dual passions of magic and mathematics (Video on smushing cards)

Read a terrific profile on Persi Diaconis from the Chronicle Review that begins more like a fantastic, coming of age novel: “Persi Diaconis’s unlikely scholarly career in mathematics began with a disappearing act.”

He was 14 years old and obsessed with magic, spending much of his free time in or around Tannen’s Magic Store, on Times Square, where sleight-of-hand masters regularly gathered to show off tricks and to gossip. There, one of the most influential magicians of the past century, a card maestro named Dai Vernon, saw Diaconis’s prodigious trick dealing and invited the young man to leave New York and join him on the road.

Diaconis vanished from his regular life, dropping out of school and cutting ties with his family. “I packed a little bag—I took some decks of cards and some socks,” remembers Diaconis, now 66 with unruly tufts of white hair, in his office at Stanford University, where he is a professor of mathematics and statistics.

Where do Diaconis’s travels take him? While it may not be too surprising to discover that he grew up to be a renowned magician, it may be slightly more surprising to learn that he ended up being a well-respected mathematician and professor. However, as Diaconis explains — a love of mathematics was a natural outgrowth of his passion for magic. Read the complete profile here:

The I Ching or Book of Changes app

We have jumped into the high tech world of apps twice now. This is our first offering, based on the best-selling PUP version of The I Ching or Book of Changes. You can read more about the app here, purchase a copy here, or watch the video below to learn more about how to use the app.