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einstein birthday 2 web

einstein birthday web

Ice Cream Social at Princeton University Press


(left to right, Betsy Litz, Dimitri Karetnikov, Jessica Pellien, Peter Dougherty, and Leslie Flis)

Thanks to Corky White, author of Cooking for Crowds, the team here at Princeton University Press had a sweet treat this afternoon–ice cream from Toscanini Ice Cream in Cambridge, MA. We sampled some delightful flavors like pink peppercorn (lightly sweet and dotted with cracked peppercorns, spicy and satisfying), Ginger Snap Molasses (literally gives you the feeling of licking the bowl after your mom made molasses cookies, swirls of ginger snap dough in a molasses ice cream), and B-cubed which was Brownies, Brown Butter, and one other B which is on the tip of my tongue (probably the crowd favorite).

We are all so proud to work with Corky and appreciate this gesture so much.

Can you spot the PUP title in this photo published in Harper’s?

“Don Sapatkin, Deputy Science & Medicine Editor, 6:44pm, 2009.” Photograph by Will Steacy from his series Deadline, which documents the past four years at the Philadelphia Inquirer.


That’s Nancy Lutkehaus’s Margaret Mead: The Making of an American Icon in the bottom left! The photo ran alongside David Sirota‘s report, “The Only Game in Town,” published in the September issue of Harper’s Magazine.

The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science – see the experiments in action!

    Neil Downie, author of the intriguingly titled ‘Vacuum Bazookas, Electric Rainbow Jelly, and 27 Other Saturday Science Projects’, has a new book out from Princeton in June called ‘The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science: The Very Best Backyard Science Experiments You Can Do Yourself’.

    For a taster of the treats in store for you see Neil’s youtube video.

CMYK, science, and love–that’s what ink is made of

This one goes out to lovers of Pantone and print. A ten-minute film about how ink is made:

Have a good weekend!

What’s Bugging You? — Next Book Giveaway

Our next book giveaway is Garden Insects of North America: The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs by Whitney Cranshaw.  If you follow us on Facebook, you are automatically entered to win. The random drawing takes place this Friday.

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“If you’ve ever wondered what’s eating your garden besides yourself and the woodchuck, this is the book for you. I know that sometime this summer I will carry a bug of some sort into the house to identify it in this volume. And I know that I’ll lose at least an hour looking at photographs of all the other bugs that might lie hidden in the herbage.” -Verlyn Klinkenborg, New York Times Book Review

Garden Insects of North America:
The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs
By Whitney Cranshaw

“A junk’s a boat”: The Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets and the finer points of Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok”

This fall brings the major series relaunch of the prestigious Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets, now under the editorship of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and New Yorker Poetry Editor Paul Muldoon. Muldoon sat down with the Princeton Tiger earlier this year for their series “Discussions in Contemporary Poetry,” in which the Princeton professor discussed the profound linguistic styling of Ke$ha’s “Tik, Tok”:

The Huffington Post gives their take on the critique here.

Fortunately, the first book in the series, Kathleen Graber’s The Eternal City, combines high (Shakespeare and Walter Benjamin) and not-so-high (Johnny Depp and Target) culture in ways that serious lovers of poetry can really enjoy. Read the full series description here.

J.D. Salinger and Catcher in the Rye on South Park (yes, that South Park)

Could this be the key to getting kids to read in school? For all the parents out there working through the 100 book challenge with their elementary school children, here’s a safe-for-work clip from South Park .