Russ Roberts on Bloggingheads

PUP author Russ Roberts (The Price of Everything) and Arnold Kling discuss the current economic pickle.  Can the government get us out of this mess?  Watch it below!

Skip Gates ride the airwaves on WNYC

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Amar Bhide on EconTalk

Amar Bhidé, of Columbia University and author of The Venturesome Economy, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in a global economy. Listen in here.

Vindicated by History?

Skip Gates dropped by TODAY this morning to chat with Meredith Vieira about his PBS Documentary, “Looking for Lincoln” which airs tonight on most PBS stations (9:00 pm EST).

Jeff Madrick on

Jeff Madrick, author of The Case for Big Government, and Jim Pinkerton of Fox News held a debate on earlier this month. The subject of their discussion? Is the American government capable of getting us out of the current financial debacle.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. chats with Stephen Colbert 2/3/09

PUP author Skip Gates sat down to talk about his new book, LINCOLN ON RACE AND SLAVERY on The Colbert Report last night.

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Listen in – Bee Wilson on MPR


Bee Wilson, author of Swindled, spoke with Minnesota Public Radio last week about the melamine scandal in China and the long historical roots of food fraud in Britain and America.

Andrew Gelman on

Andrew Gelman, author of Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State, taped a great interview for with Will Wilkinson earlier in November. Enjoy!

And, though he’s a bit critical of his performance, here’s a post over at his blog about the interview.

Jonathan Macey on why less is more when it comes to government regulation

Jonathan Macey, author of Corporate Governance: Promises Kept, Promises Broken has been interviewed by Yale Law School.

A quick excerpt:

“It’s unpopular now to talk about deregulation. As I give this interview, we’re in the middle of this big market crash, and everybody seems to be a born again deregulator…My book does focus a lot on deregulation and it criticizes the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and frankly I think recent events have proven the source of these criticisms to be correct…All the companies that we see imploding today are subject to this statute, and one thing that is painfully clear is that the increased attention to risk management that we were supposed to get with Sarbanes-Oxleywe haven’t gotten. And that firms have been free to engage in really incredibly excessive risk taking and that these so-called regulatory or legislative solutions just haven’t worked very well.”

Listen to the rest of the interview here.

Toni Morrison Lectures – Newark Mayor Cory Booker

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WNYC has posted The Toni Morrison Lectures with Newark Mayor Cory Booker on their site.

Princeton University Press and the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University co-sponsored the lectures, titled “The Unfinished Journey of America’s Spirit The Past“. Conducted over three consecutive nights, the lectures include: “The Past: A Testimony to the Impossible,” on Oct. 1; “The Present: Through Cynicism, Negativity and Self-doubt,” on Oct. 2; and “The Future: Humble Hopes and Insane Idealism,” on Oct. 3.

Booker has been mayor of New Jersey’s largest city since July 2006 and is the third person to lead Newark since 1970. Booker’s stated mission as mayor is to oversee an urban transformation of the city by marshaling its resources to achieve security and economic prosperity.

Sponsored jointly by the Center for African American Studies and Princeton University Press, the Toni Morrison Lectures spotlight the new and exciting work of scholars and writers who have risen to positions of prominence both in academe and in the broader world of letters.

Princeton University Press will publish the lectures in book form.

Interview with Bee Wilson on the history food fraud

While on book tour this October, British food columnist Bee Wilson took time out to speak with Princeton University Press about the history of food fraud. In this segment, Bee discusses the recent news out of China about milk tainted with melamine and the earlier swill milk fraud of New York City–a scandal she recently wrote about in the NY Times.

Click through to the extended version of the interview to see some great demonstrations of common food frauds–historical (faked arrowroot cream) and contemporary (fake saffron)–as well as some suggestions of simple steps we can take to protect ourselves from being the victims of food fraud. Short of growing all our own food, Bee encourages us all to enjoy food and to reacquaint ourselves with how good food is really supposed to look, smell, and taste.

Former President Bill Clinton picks Unequal Democracy as top bailout-related book

Former New Yorker editor Tina Brown has launched the news & commentary site, The Daily Beast, earlier this week. The page, The Buzz Board: Smart People Recommend, features insiders’ picks on the news of the day. According to the site, Bill Clinton included Unequal Democracy in a short list of 3 bailout-related books.

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Bill Clinton also sat down with Fox News’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on Sept 23, and mentioned Unequal Democracy.

Excerpt from the interview:

VAN SUSTEREN: Now, you mentioned the campaign, so that’s a door opening, as far as I see it. I might sneak into it. I know that you support Senator Obama.


VAN SUSTEREN: And — but let me ask you about Senator McCain. Would he be bad for the country?

CLINTON: Well, I don’t think we should talk like that. As you know, I’ve made it — my admiration for him quite clear. I like him. I admire him. I’m particularly grateful to him because he made it — he and Senator Bob Kerrey and Senator Chuck Robb and Senator John Kerry and a few others made it possible for me to normalize relations with Vietnam, which was a big deal for Americans and for our country’s psychological wellbeing and for our longterm position in Asia. And he’s done a lot of other good things.

I think on the two major issues facing Americans today — how we’re going to bring this economy back and make it — the benefits broadly shared again and create jobs again, and how are we going to restore America’s standing the world — I think Senator Obama and Senator Biden have better – – markedly better positions, and I think it’d be better for our country.

I think that, in general, Democrats produce more broadly shared prosperity. There’s a new book out called,
Unequal Democracy,” by a professor at Princeton named Larry Bartels, who hadn’t voted since 1984 because he doesn’t want it to cloud his judgments. And he voted for President Reagan in 1984, but he says that if the Democrats had held the White House the last eight years, the median family income would be 6 percent higher today than it is, that, basically, we just produce more broadly shared prosperity.

I don’t think there’s any question, if you look at the Obama energy plan, the education plan, and especially there’s stark, stark differences in the health care plan, that those things would be better for America.

Here’s the video, the action happens around the last third of the clip.