How will you celebrate Darwin Day?

Darwin Day is tomorrow, so it’s time to start planning for the festivities Here’s a suggestion — check out the PUP blog for Q&As and articles from our authors and exclusive excerpts from some of our Darwin books.

In the meantime, head over to the official Darwin Day site to check out their events calendar, videos of people explaining why they celebrate Darwin Day and a bunch more information.

Speaking of events, if you are in Calgary, plan to hear Dr. David Reznick give the 26th Annual Darwin Lecture tonight at the University of Calgary. Details are here.

The image above can be found at the Darwin Day web site.

This Week’s Book Giveaway

This week, in honor of Robert Burns’s birthday (Jan. 25th, 1759), we are giving away the book, The Bard: Robert Burns, A Biography by Robert Crawford. The Bard

No writer is more charismatic than Robert Burns. Wonderfully readable, The Bard catches Burns’s energy, brilliance, and radicalism as never before. To his international admirers he was a genius, a hero, a warm-hearted friend; yet to the mother of one of his lovers he was a wastrel, to a fellow poet he was “sprung . . . from raking of dung,” and to his political enemies a “traitor.” Drawing on a surprising number of untapped sources–from rediscovered poetry by Burns to manuscript journals, correspondence, and oratory by his contemporaries–this new biography presents the remarkable life, loves, and struggles of the great poet.

“Crawford’s Burns, merrily mixing high and low culture, seems eerily contemporary. He shares with great hip-hop artists a genius for catchy, sexy, and memorable rhymes gloriously liberated from the hegemony of standard English.”–New Yorker

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The Bard: Robert Burns, A Biography by Robert Crawford

Edwidge Danticat on Newshour last night

Edwidge had two sell-out events in Washington DC at Busboys & Poets and Politics & Prose. Next up, she is in Los Angeles for an event with the ALOUD series at the Los Angeles Public Library on October 26th. See you there!

Helen Hackett on Elizabeth I

There are many interesting things we can still learn about Elizabeth I, according to our author, Helen Hackett. For example, despite never mentioning her mother, Anne Boleyn, in public, Elizabeth kept a locket ring containing images of herself and her mother, indicating that she liked to remember her mother in private. Here, the author of Shakespeare and Elizabeth discusses five books that can help us better understand the Virgin Queen.

Your New Reading List: Paul Thagard’s Picks

Paul Thagard, author of The Brain and the Meaning of Life, discovered some new books this summer that he wants to share with you.  His recommendations cover a wide range of genres and emotions, from adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat to a poignant personal memoir to the tension that accompanies a ground-breaking discovery.  Interested? Read what Paul says about these books:

“David Grann, The Lost City of Z. This is non-fiction, but perfect for airplanes or beaches, as it reads like a thriller. The book weaves together the biographical story of an Amazon explorer and the autobiographical story of the author’s investigation of him. It’s totally absorbing.”

“Roger Rosenblatt, Making Toast. This book is the moving and eloquent story of the author’s first year after the sudden death of his 38-year old daughter. He and his wife move in with their son-in-law and young  grandchildren. This book is an excellent grief memoir from the unusual perspective of a parent rather than a spouse.”

“Elliott S. Valenstein, The War of the Soups and the Sparks. A retired neuropsychologist tells the fascinating story of the discovery of neurotransmitters and the controversy over how new nerves communicate with each other: chemically (soups) or electrically (sparks). This intriguing history also illuminates the nature of scientific research.”

What are your favorite book genres? Let us know below, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

Biographies for Your Summer Reading List

What are you reading this summer and where?  Biographies make a great addition to summer reading lists.  While lounging around the beach or pool, you can go back in time and discover how others lived their lives.  From explorers, writers, and philosophers to even a volcano, we have a biography for your summer reading list or book club.  Check these out…

The Poison King:
The Life and Legend of Mithradates, Rome’s Deadliest Enemy
Adrienne Mayor

A fascinating biography of the legendary king, rebel, and poisoner who defied the Roman Empire.

Sara Baartman and the Hottentot Venus:
A Ghost Story and a Biography
Clifton Crais & Pamela Scully

Displayed on European stages from 1810 to 1815 as the Hottentot Venus, Sara Baartman was one of the most famous women of her day, and also one of the least known.

The Bard:
Robert Burns, A Biography
Robert Crawford

This incisive biography startlingly demonstrates why the life and work of Scotland’s greatest poet still compel the attention of the world a quarter of a millennium after his birth.

Citizen of the World: A Biography
Alfonso Scirocco
Translated by Allan Cameron

The revolutionary, soldier, politician, and greatest figure in the fight for Italian unification, Garibaldi (1807-1882) brought off almost as many dramatic exploits in the Americas as he did in Europe, becoming an international freedom fighter, earning the title of the “hero of two worlds,” and making himself perhaps the most famous and beloved man of his century.

The Rebbe:
The Life and Afterlife of Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Samuel Heilman & Menachem Friedman

This is the story of one of the most compelling religious figures of the 20th century.

A Biography
Alwyn Scarth

This volcano has fascinated scientists, writers, and poets for two millennia.

History Man:
The Life of R. G. Collingwood
Fred Inglis

This is the first biography of the last and greatest British idealist philosopher, R. G. Collingwood (1889-1943), a man who both thought and lived at full pitch.

More biographies and books about biographies:

Worshipping Walt:
The Whitman Disciples
Michael Robertson

This is the surprising story of the people who saw Whitman as a divine prophet.

Margaret Mead:
The Making of an American Icon
Nancy C. Lutkehaus

Henry David Thoreau
Edited by J. Lyndon Shanley
With a new introduction by John Updike

Henry James Goes to Paris
Peter Brooks

Francis Bacon
Perez Zagorin

Charles Darwin:
Janet Browne

The Paris Letters of Thomas Eakins
Edited by William Innes Homer

The Calculus of Friendship:
What a Teacher and a Student Learned about Life while Corresponding about Math
Steven Strogatz

A Writer in His Time
Joseph Frank
With a new preface by the author
Edited by Mary Petrusewicz

Thomas Mann:
Life as a Work of Art. A Biography
Hermann Kurzke
Translated by Leslie Willson

Søren Kierkegaard:
A Biography
Joakim Garff
Translated by Bruce H. Kirmmse

Marcel Mauss:
A Biography
Marcel Fournier
Translated by Jane Marie Todd

Life on Air:
Memoirs of a Broadcaster
David Attenborough

Karl Pearson:
The Scientific Life in a Statistical Age
Theodore M. Porter

The Autobiography of a Seventeenth-Century Venetian Rabbi:
Leon Modena’s Life of Judah
Leone Modena
Edited by Mark R. Cohen

The Life of Isamu Noguchi:
Journey without Borders
Masayo Duus
Translated by Peter Duus

Charles Babbage:
Pioneer of the Computer
Anthony Hyman

James Lovelock:
In Search of Gaia
John Gribbin & Mary Gribbin

The Pythagorean Theorem:
A 4,000-Year History
Eli Maor

Allen Tate:
Orphan of the South
Thomas A. Underwood

Max Weber in America
Lawrence A. Scaff

Translate this Darkness:
The Life of Christiana Morgan, the Veiled Woman in Jung’s Circle
Claire Douglas

Politics of the Spirit, Volume 1
Peter Bien

A Life Remembered, Second Edition
Elizabeth Wilson

Vladimir Nabokov:
The Russian Years
Brian Boyd

On Whitman
C. K. Williams

Imagining Virginia Woolf:
An Experiment in Critical Biography
Maria DiBattista

Virginia Woolf’s Nose:
Essays on Biography
Hermione Lee

Apparitions of the Self:
The Secret Autobiographies of a Tibetan Visionary
Janet Gyatso