Amin Ghaziani Discusses “There Goes the Gayborhood?” at Unabridged Bookstore @ Unabridged Bookstore
Aug 29 @ 7:00 pm
Amin Ghaziani Discusses "There Goes the Gayborhood?" at Unabridged Bookstore  @ Unabridged Bookstore | Chicago | Illinois | United States

Amin2Join University of British Columbia professor of Sociology Amin Ghaziani at Unabridged Bookstore on Friday, August 29th at 7:00 pm, where he’ll be discussing his new book, There Goes the Gayborhood? A survey of the past, present and future of gay neighborhoods across the country, the book examines historically gay neighborhoods like Boystown, Andersonville. Chelsea, the Castro District, and Dupont Circle, and why rumors of their demise are premature.

The book has recently gained traction in news outlets like Yahoo! NewsQueerty, and Huffington Post: Gay Voices, so meet him before he goes global! If you want a sneak preview of the book, read the introduction here. Light refreshments will be served.

“In an attempt to understand a contemporary, hot-button issue facing iconic gay neighborhoods in flux, Ghaziani mines the roots of ‘gayborhoods’ to understand where and why they began and the challenges they face. As homosexuality gains wider societal acceptance, are the ‘gay ghettos, ‘ once considered bastions of organized solidarity, sexual freedom, and safety from anti-gay bigotry and violence, feeling the pinch? In a book rich with demographical statistics of same-sex-couple households, useful charts and personal interviews, Ghaziani delivers an unbiased perspective carefully weighing the consequences and the benefits of conformity for formerly homogenous gayborhoods countrywide. . . . Encompassing more than just the diminishing homogeneity of gay ghettos, Ghaziani’s important work also demonstrates an appreciation for how the provocative past, present and future of gay culture continues to evoke impassioned rhetoric and opinion.” –Kirkus Reviews

Colin Adams, Author of Zombies and Calculus at the Harvard Coop: Reading/Book Signing @ Harvard Coop
Sep 24 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Colin Adams, Author of Zombies and Calculus at the Harvard Coop: Reading/Book Signing @ Harvard Coop | Cambridge | Massachusetts | United States

7-18 Adams

How to survive a zombie apocalypse – using math!

Princeton University Press author and Professor of Mathematics Colin Adams is coming to The Harvard Coop Bookstore on September 24th, where he’ll be reading from, and signing copies of his latest book, Zombies and Calculus.

Colin Adams, an academic and a humor columnist (a rare combination!) presents a fictional account of how math can save your life in a zombie invasion. Zombies and Calculus is a math novel that tells the story of a zombie invasion on a college campus and a calculus professor who must race to save his friends, students, and family. As the zombie virus spreads and civilization crumbles, the professor uses calculus to help his small band of survivors defeat the hordes of the undead.

Along the way, readers learn how to avoid being eaten by taking advantage of the fact that zombies always point their tangent vector toward their target, and how to use exponential growth to determine the rate at which the virus is spreading. Williams also covers topics such as logistic growth, gravitational acceleration, predator-prey models, pursuit problems, the physics of combat, and more. With the aid of his story, you too can survive the zombie onslaught and learn more about calculus in a fun, new way.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to hob-nob with Mr. Adams, and more importantly, to learn how to defeat the undead with derivatives. Who knows – one day, you might actually need to! Until then, be sure to ‘like’ the Zombies and Calculus Facebook page and share it with your friends. We look forward to seeing you there!

Amin Ghaziani Discusses “There Goes the Gayborhood?” at Kramerbooks @ Kramerbooks & Afterworlds Cafe
Oct 5 @ 7:00 pm