Just in Time for Migration Season: The Warbler Guide

The Warbler GuideWarblers are among the most challenging birds to identify. But, as we enter the fall migration season, Princeton University Press has the perfect tool for identifying these beautiful birds: The Warbler Guide.

This helpful guide enables readers to quickly identify any of the 56 species of warblers in the United States and Canada, with more than 1,000 stunning color photos, extensive species accounts with multiple viewing angles, and an entirely new system of vocalization analysis that helps you distinguish songs and calls.

This is the perfect tool for birdwatching, making warbler identification easier than ever before. But fear not: we are pleased to offer some of these tools to print, laminate, and take with you as you set out on your own adventures. Below, we have eight different finder keys – you can also download them in a complete set as a PDF or JPG. Additionally, we have a tip sheet on identifying the age and sex of warblers, including those from the West Coast. Take these with you on your next birdwatching trip, and then check out the complete Warbler Guide for additional information and insights.


Face Quick Finder

Face Quick Finder PDF | JPG

45 Degree Quick Finder

45 Degree Quick Finder    PDF | JPG

East Fall Quick Finder

East Fall Quick Finder        PDF | JPG

East Spring Quick Finder

East Spring Quick Finder    PDF | JPG

Side Quick Finder

Side Quick Finder PDF | JPG

Undertails Quick Finder

Undertails Quick Finder     PDF | JPG

Underview Quick Finder

Underview Quick Finder     PDF | JPG

West Quick Finder

West Quick Finder PDF | JPG