Tuesday’s Trot – Yakutian

From page 256 in Horses of the World:

5 things to know about the Yakutian horse:

1. Very primitive, the Yakutian is recognized by its round, massive, compact physique, and its incredible winter coat, which is very long and dense, and which can reach 29 centimeters in length on top of a thick undercoat.

2. This very ancient Siberian breed probably descends from primitive ponies from the tundra and from Mongolian horses.

3. The Yakutian is known to be intelligent; it is also powerful and has great endurance.

4. Adapted to extreme climate conditions that no other breed could tolerate (long winters, temperatures reaching −70°C), there is no other horse in the world better adapted to the cold. But it also endures very hot summers.

5. Very hardy, it digs in the snow for food. It lives an exceptionally long time, which enables it to work and to reproduce late in life.



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Horses of the World
Élise Rousseau
Illustrated by Yann Le Bris
Translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan
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