Tuesday’s Trot – Misaki

From page 374 in Horses of the World:

5 things you should know about the Misaki:

1. The Misaki is recognized as a national natural treasure in Japan.

2. The Misaki is resilient and adapted to life in the open throughout the year in its natural environment.

3. This small horse left in the wild has become an extraordinary tourist attraction. Japanese tourists enthusiastically come all year long to take its picture, and, being used to the presence of people, it tolerates the admiring crowds.

4. In 2011 the breed suffered from equine infectious anemia and fell from 115 individuals in 2008 to 82 in 2012, but it climbed back to 91 in 2013.

5. The horses are encountering a few problems of overgrazing in the grassy zones and are tending to go into the forests to find food.

Horses of the World
Élise Rousseau
Illustrated by Yann Le Bris
Translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan
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Horses of the World is a comprehensive, large-format overview of 570 breeds of domestic and extant wild horses, including hybrids between the two and between domestic breeds and other equids, such as zebras. This beautifully illustrated and detailed guide covers the origins of modern horses, anatomy and physiology, variation in breeds, and modern equestrian practices. The treatment of breeds is organized by country within broader geographical regions—from Eurasia through Australasia and to the Americas. Each account provides measurements (weight and height), distribution, origins and history, character and attributes, uses, and current status. Every breed is accompanied by superb color drawings—600 in total—and color photographs can be found throughout the book.

Describing and depicting every horse breed in existence, Horses of the World will be treasured by all who are interested in these gorgeous animals.

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