Ice Cream Social at Princeton University Press


(left to right, Betsy Litz, Dimitri Karetnikov, Jessica Pellien, Peter Dougherty, and Leslie Flis)

Thanks to Corky White, author of Cooking for Crowds, the team here at Princeton University Press had a sweet treat this afternoon–ice cream from Toscanini Ice Cream in Cambridge, MA. We sampled some delightful flavors like pink peppercorn (lightly sweet and dotted with cracked peppercorns, spicy and satisfying), Ginger Snap Molasses (literally gives you the feeling of licking the bowl after your mom made molasses cookies, swirls of ginger snap dough in a molasses ice cream), and B-cubed which was Brownies, Brown Butter, and one other B which is on the tip of my tongue (probably the crowd favorite).

We are all so proud to work with Corky and appreciate this gesture so much.


  1. Corky White says:

    Thanks are all for Gus Rancatore, owner and ice cream genius at Toscanini’s. Come visit when you’re in Cambridge! (Central Square, close to other geniuses at MIT)….