Los Angeles Audubon welcomes Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle for Warbler Workshop

Birders line up for a book-signing following the Warbler Sound Workshop at Los Angeles Audubon

Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle, co-authors of The Warbler Guide, visited the Los Angeles Audubon to provide tips on identifying warblers by sound. A terrific round-up of the event is posted on the LA Audubon web site including the advice to allocate time to learn warbler sounds and to make connections between the sounds and imaginary pictures. Read up here: http://losangelesaudubon.org/index.php/chapter-newsletter-mainmenu-98/newsletter-highlights/1315-sound-bite-of-the-warbler-sound-workshop-2013.

If you or your local birding organization would like to host a similar workshop with Tom and Scott, please contact jessica_pellien@press.princeton.edu.