Kick your Warbler ID skills up a notch with this free tip sheet on Aging and Sexing

We’ve now given away over 45,000 free downloads of the Quick Finders from The Warbler Guide by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle. Now we’re kicking things into high gear. Tom and Scott have provided a new download — this one with expert advice on how to age and sex warblers.

Make the most out of the remaining weeks of fall birding by downloading this free tip sheet today.

Simply click the PDF link below and download to your device or computer.


[update] We now have a sheet for aging and sexing West Coast fall warblers. [added 9-8-2014]


Capture Aging and Sexing Warbler Tip Sheet PDF


  1. […] Update: Take your Warbler ID skills to the next level with this free tip sheet on aging and sexing warblers. […]