We Have a Winner!

As our 2013 Fall Migration Giveaway comes to a close with over 1,000 entries, we have a winner! Randomly selected from the hundreds of tweets, likes, and emails that were submitted, the winner is… (drum roll please) ….

Lisa Hessler Stinnett!!

Lisa has won a copy of The Warbler Guide, The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors, and How to Be a Better Birder, a pair of Zeiss TERRA binoculars, and the audio companion for The Warbler Guide. Congratulations Lisa!

Thank you to everyone who entered and keep your eyes peeled for the next time we offer a giveaway!

But wait! You don’t have to be a winner to get free stuff! To check out the free downloads we’re currently offering, click on the links below:
Crossley ID Guide Raptors : A sampler raptor guide in PDF format
Quick Finders from The Warbler Guide : A ‘quick finder’ designed to help you identify over 50 warblers faster with targeted color photos.

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