PUP’s Best Sellers for the Past Week

These are the best-selling books for the past week.

Jane Austen, Game Theorist by Michael Suk-Young Chwe
j9925[1] The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World Order by Benn Steil
j9810[1] The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking by Edward B. Burger & Michael Starbird
j9929[1] The Bankers’ New Clothes: What’s Wrong with Banking and What to Do about It by Anat Admati & Martin Hellwig
crossley The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors by Richard Crossley, Jerry Liguori, & Brian Sullivan
Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell by A. Zee
College: What it Was, Is, and Should Be by Andrew Delbanco
The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History, 70-1492 by Maristella Botticini & Zvi Eckstein
QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter by Richard P. Feynman
j8973[1] This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly by Carmen M. Reinhart & Kenneth S. Rogoff