Take Flight with the Crossley ID Guide: Ferruginous Hawk


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This ferruginous hawk is seen from every angle, at rest and on the wing, thanks to the Crossley-style presentation in The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors.

Western grassland, sagebrush desert, and shrub-steppe environments are the preferred breeding habitats of the Ferruginous Hawk, but in winter it can be found in more altered landscapes such as agricultural land, especially when ground squirrels are present.

Light adults are strikingly beautiful birds! They are pure white underneath with bold rufous leggings and spectacular rufous upperwings. Plumage of adults is variable, with many showing faint to heavy rufous mottling on the underwing coverts, and rufous streaking on the underbody with whitish flight feathers. Light adults have whitish primaries that “flash” white on top, and whitish, grayish, or even reddish mottled tails. Dark adults are solid dark rufous-brown below with a grayish brown “bib” and head, or dark brown underneath with a rufous bib, but still show the strikingly contrasting whitish flight feathers. Dark adults typically have grayish tails and often lack prominent pale primary “panels” from above.

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