Take Flight with the Crossley ID Guide: Mississippi Kites


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Would you recognize these migrating birds as Mississippi Kites (side note, I have to spell out Mississippi like a little kid every time I type it). The plates in The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors use repeat exposure to help you distinguish between raptors in the field and even at great distances.

Mississippi Kites migrate in large flocks through parts of Texas and Mexico. On migration, note the falcon-like shape in a glide and soar. They rocket through the sky with wings arched back, appearing falcon-like in shape. Sometimes they slow down and hunt for insects which they rip apart on the wing. They tend to be in flocks with birds their own age. Juveniles depart from the breeding grounds as soon as their feathers are fully grown, leaving the adults to rear the remaining offspring. Some may not leave the nest until as late as early September.

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