All 15 Volumes of The Robert Lehman Collection Reviewed in The New York Review of Books

2-25 Robert lehmanThe New York Review of Books featured all fifteen volumes of The Robert Lehman Collection, a comprehensive catalog of the pieces included in The Robert Lehman Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Lehman’s extensive collection includes 2,600 works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, pottery, ceramics, and more. The fifteen volume series divides The Robert Lehman Collection into separate categories  so that each has its own catalog. Some volumes include American Drawings and Watercolors, European Sculpture and Metalwork, and Decorative Arts. While all fifteen volumes are not all currently in print, the most recent volume, The Robert Lehman Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Volume XV: Decorative Arts, is newly available to complete the full collection.

Read an excerpt from the review below:

“[T]he monumental, fifteen-volume catalog of the Robert Lehman Collection has at last reached completion after almost thirty-five years of labor by a pantheon of eminent scholars, beginning with John Pope-Hennessy, who published the first volume, on Italian paintings, in 1987. […] Few private collections have been honored with a catalog so complete and containing such superb, informative scholarship as this one, which is, as one of its contributors rightly claims, ‘unique in American museum scholarship in its scope and range.’”–Walter Kaiser, The New York Review of Books

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