Admati on Fox Business Network

Anat Admati appeared on Fox Business Network’s Money with Melissa Francis on Tuesday to discuss the government’s regulations for the financial sector. Admati is co-author of The Bankers’ New Clothes: What’s Wrong with Banking and What to Do About It which examines the current banking system problems and how to fix them in clearly defined terms.

Watch the full interview here.

Additionally The New Yorker, Bloomberg Business Week, and Business Insider all discuss the financial situation and possible solutions as laid out by Admati and Hellwig in The Banker’s New Clothes. Admati and Hellwig say that “higher equity requirements would therefore alleviate the problem of banks being too big, too interconnected, or too political to fail. Not only would banks be less likely to fail, they would bear more of their own losses should they incur losses.” James Pethokoukis for Business Insider agrees and sums up that “capping bank size, limiting bank activities, higher equity capital requirements — all tools in the toolbox for eliminating the crony capitalist subsidy of the US financial system by government.”

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