Download Your Free Crossley ID Guide eBooks [PDFs]

The Crossley ID Guide series is one of the most innovative and exciting contributions to bird books in recent memory. When the Eastern Birds book was launched in spring 2011, it quickly rose to prominence and became a must-have item on any serious birder’s shelf. With the release of volume 2 in the series — The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors — almost upon us, we are in a celebrating kind of mood. And the best way we came up with to celebrate is by giving stuff away.

We are thrilled to offer three [updated 1/6/14] free eBooks in the signature style of The Crossley ID Guide series. They are in a PDF format, so you can download them to any internet-enabled device — computers, tablets, phones. Simply right click on the links below and choose “Save as…” These files are clickable, emailable, shareable. They are the perfect introduction to The Crossley ID Guide series and are in and of themselves useful tools for any bird watcher.

So what is in these eBooks?

eastern Capture The Top 25 Garden Feeder Birds in North AmericaThis eBook contains plates for the top 25 most common visitors to garden feeders in North America, according to data from eBird/Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This eBook is particularly useful for teachers and students exploring birds in the backyard or for anyone curious about their most common backyard friends.Click here to download The Top 25 Garden Feeder Birds in North America!
raptors capture If you choose the Raptors eBook, you are getting over a dozen panoramic vistas of raptors drawn from the selection found in The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors.Click here to download the Raptors eBook!
raptors capture This free e-book features Common Garden Birds of Britain and Ireland. This selection of images is drawn from The Crossley ID Guide: Britain and Ireland. Click here to download Common Garden Birds!


Disclaimer: These PDFs may not display correctly in all internet browsers. They render best in Adobe products, Internet Explorer, and Safari. We don’t recommend using Firefox’s Integrated PDF plug-in. If you are seeing something like the picture on the left, then the PDF is not displaying properly and you should reopen it with another program. The picture on the right shows what the PDF should look like.


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