Three PUP Titles on Jewish Ideas Daily’s 40 Best Jewish Books of 2012

It may be the end of January already but 2012 was such a great year for PUP’s books that we’re just going to keep rolling out the good news from last year. Three PUP books made the list of the 40 Best Jewish Books of 2012 on Jewish Ideas Daily!

Inheriting Abraham coverInheriting Abraham: The Legacy of the Patriarch in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam by Jon D. Levenson

Not only did Inheriting Abraham make the list but it was also selected as the BEST nonfiction Jewish book of 2012.

“The best Jewish book in each category this past year?  Inheriting Abraham is the most impressive work of Jewish scholarship published during 2012.  For more than three decades, Jon Levenson has been quietly developing a biblical theology that would revolutionize Jewish understanding and worship, if only more Jews were to learn of it.  Inheriting Abraham is his most accessible book yet—a model of how exacting scholarship can be written for the well-educated layman.” ― D.G. Myers, Jewish Ideas Daily

The Book of Genesis: a Biography by Ronald Hendel

The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History 70-1492 by Maristella Botticini & Zvi Eckstein

Another Jewish Studies book will be debuting in May 2013, No Joke: Making Jewish Humor. Unlike the previously published Jewish studies books that have made the above list, No Joke traces Jewish humor- a more light-heaNo Joke coverrted topic that nevertheless discusses important and fascinating questions about Jewish humor. It has already created quite a buzz:

“An essential examination of Jewish humor. Ruth Wisse ably traces the subject through high literature and low culture,  from Heine to Borat, offering new and glimmering insights in each case. She takes on the difficult questions, not least the one of utility: has humor helped the Jews, and does it help them still? No Joke is vastly erudite, deeply informative, and delightfully written–plus it’s got plenty of good jokes. What more could one ask for?”–Jeremy Dauber, Columbia University

2012 was certainly a great year for our Jewish books and with that in mind, here’s to wishing the best for our 2013 books!