The Unfeathered Bird- BBC Wildlife Magazine’s Book of the Month

The Unfeathered Bird Cover

Congratulations to Katrina Grouw whose book The Unfeathered Bird is BBC Wildlife Magazine’s book of the month! The book features over 385 beautiful drawings and information on various birds including some species never illustrated before.

Tim Birkhead calls the book an “illustrated treasury of ornithology”:

“Part of the strength of this anatomical extravaganza is its breadth, spanning the entire range of birds from primping parrots to posturing penguins, all in lifelike poses. Every image is arresting, but several – like the great cormorant, grey heron and rook – are so vibrant that they see to fly off the page.” -Tim Birkhead, BBC Wildlife Magazine

See the full review in BBC Wildlife Magazine’s February issue and find more information about the book here.