University Press Blog Tour (#UPWeek), The MIT Press on challenges we face as academic publishers

The MIT Press kicks things off today with an article from editorial director Gita Manaktala in which she discusses current shifts in scholarship and reading and how university presses can continue to deliver value to authors and readers. She identifies numerous challenges that university presses must face in coming years, including:

  • Scholarship is becoming more collaborative. What has been the norm in the sciences is becoming common in the social sciences and humanities as well.
  • Peer review is changing, from traditional blind review facilitated by editors to broader networks of review conducted by scholars and their broader communities.
  • Reading has changed, from the sort of focused attention associated with reading print and digital books to a broader bandwidth type of attention associated with reading online.

Head over to The MIT Press blog to read Gita’s complete list and leave your thoughts on what you think are the biggest challenges to the status quo in academic publishing.