Take Flight with The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors, Broad-winged Hawk kettle

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A Broad-winged Hawk kettle from The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors by Richard Crossley, Jerry Liguori and Brian L. Sullivan.

On migration, Broad-winged Hawks often gather in large flocks or “kettles,” sometimes with other birds, such as Swainson’s Hawks and Turkey Vultures. These kettles can be overwhelming to comprehend or count, and a thrill to observe.

Broad-winged Hawks show stocky, pointed wings in a soar and spiral in tight circles compared with larger hawks. When they glide from a kettle, the wings are short but sharply pointed, and the tail is narrow. They may fly from sunup to sundown but often fly from late morning to late afternoon when thermals are optimal, avoiding expansive water crossings.

Many of the migration sites known for large numbers of Broad-wingeds (and hawks in general) are situated along shorelines, where birds gather and concentrate with reluctance. Turkey Vultures and Swainson’s are often mixed in. How many of each are there in this photo?

I’ll post the answer later this week, but leave your guess in the comments below.

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