Woodrow Wilson Presidential Centennial: 2012-2013

November 5, 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of Woodrow Wilson’s presidential election. The Woodrow Wilson Centennial committee has created a display at the Princeton Public Library to celebrate this anniversary, which features Princeton University Press’ 69 volume series composed of letters, speeches, interviews, press conferences, and public papers on Woodrow Wilson. Series editor, Arthur S. Link, shows how these materials are essential to understanding Wilson’s personality, his intellectual, religious, and political development, and his careers as educator, writer, orator, and statesman. The Papers of Woodrow Wilson not only reveal the private and public man, but also the era in which he lived, making the series additionally valuable to scholars and others in various fields of history between the 1870s and the 1920s.

Check out the Woodrow Wilson Book Display at the Princeton Public Library:

The book display will be up until March 15, 2013. More info, here.

Curious to know more? Check out these PUP books on Woodrow Wilson:

The Making of Princeton University: From Woodrow Wilson to the Present
by James Axtell. Read Chapter 1, here.

The Crisis of American Foreign Policy: Wilsonianism in the Twenty-first Century
by G. John Ikenberry, Thomas J. Knock, Anne-Marie Slaughter & Tony Smith. Read the Introduction.

To End All Wars: Woodrow Wilson and the Quest for a New World Order
by Thomas J. Knock