Helicopter Parents: Why More Parents Need to ‘Fly’ Over to This Style of Parenting

“Helicopter Parents” are often the subject of ridicule for those who adopt a more relaxed, hands-off style of parenting. A typical Helicopter Parent would be described as one who obsessively competes with other mothers and fathers in having the best school project or most involvement in school activities. It might not come as a shock to learn that the more education parents receive in a lifetime, the more involved they become in child rearing. According to a recently published article on TheAtlantic.com that adapts information from Brink Lindsey’s new book, both mothers and fathers will spend more time with their children after receiving higher educations:

“Prior to 1995, college-educated moms averaged about 12 hours a week with their kids, compared to about 11 hours for less-educated moms. By 2007, though, the figure for less-educated moms had risen to nearly 16 hours while that for college-educated moms had soared all the way to 21 hours. Similar trends were observed for fathers: The time that college-educated dads spent with their kids rose from 5 to 10 hours, while for less-educated dads the increase was from around 4 hours to around 8 hours.”

These parents might be considered control freaks by some – but do the redeeming qualities in ‘overparenting’ outweigh the more lenient, hands-off approach?

“The advantages of having well-educated parents are varied. Smart parents who naturally do well in school pass on their genes. They also tend to make more money, which can buy a safer neighborhood and a higher-quality education. But a less appreciated advantage is that college-educated parents are more likely to dote obsessively – even, yes, comically – on their children. And there is evidence that the very nature of their parenting style is good for grooming productive workers.”

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Read more about the causes of “helicopter parents” and the effects of these parenting trends in Lindsey’s new book:


Human Capitalism:
How Economic Growth Has Made Us Smarter–and More Unequal
Brink Lindsey


  1. Very unique story here. Thank you.

  2. Interesting study. I wouldn’t have thought there is a correlation between a parent’s level of education and the amount of time they spend with their kids.