A new Crossley ID Guide coming in April 2013

Just in time for migration season next spring, we’re publishing The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors. This time, birding expert and photographer Richard Crossley is joined by two leading raptor experts, Jerry Liguori and Brian L. Sullivan to create an unparalleled photographic guide to North American raptors.

The book will feature over a hundred color plates in the Crossley style–panoramic, composite scenes featuring birds in all plumage and ages, at rest, in flight, and on. It will also have lengthy species descriptions, colorful maps, and fans of Richard’s earlier books will be delighted to note the return of the mystery bird plates where readers are invited to “test” their identification skills on a plate of mixed species.

Look for this book in April 2013 and in the meantime, become a fan of The Crossley ID Guide by Richard Crossley to keep informed about Richard’s speaking engagements and other Crossley book news. And we’ll start posting sample plates each Tuesday through publication, so check back again next week.