Celebrate International Translation Day with PUP

Celebrate International Translation Day with Princeton University Press! Promoted by FIT, International Translation Day celebrates the feast of St. Jerome, who translated the Hebrew Bible into Latin, and who is recognized today as the patron saint of translators. Enjoy the day browsing this sampling of some of our favorite, recent translations!


The Dream of the Poem: Hebrew Poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain, 950-1492
Translated, Edited & Introduced by Peter Cole
Read the Introduction.

Angina Days: Selected Poems
Günter Eich
Translated and introduced by Michael Hofmann
Check out the Introduction.

Oranges and Snow: Selected Poems of Milan Djordjevic
Translated and introduced by Charles Simic
Here’s the Introduction.

Poems Under Saturn: Poèmes saturniens
Paul Verlaine
Translated and with an introduction by Karl Kirchwey
Read the Introduction.


Alexander the Great and His Empire: A Short Introduction
Pierre Briant
Translated by Amélie Kuhrt
Here’s the Introduction.

The Axe and the Oath: Ordinary Life in the Middle Ages
Robert Fossier
Translated by Lydia G. Cochrane
Read Chapter 1.

Globalization: A Short History
Jürgen Osterhammel & Niels P. Petersson
Translated by Dona Geyer
Check out Chapter 1.


The Paradox of Love
Pascal Bruckner
Translated by Steven Rendall and with an afterword by Richard Golsan
Here’s the Introduction.

The Seducer’s Diary
Søren Kierkegaard
Edited and translated by Howard V. Hong and Edna H. Hong
With a new foreword by John Updike

As If God Existed: Religion and Liberty in the History of Italy
Maurizio Viroli
Translated by Alberto Nones
Here’s the Preface.


The Cloak of Dreams: Chinese Fairy Tales
Béla Balázs
Translated and introduced by Jack Zipes
Illustrated by Mariette Lydis
Read Chapter 1.

Lucky Hans and Other Merz Fairy Tales
Kurt Schwitters
Translated and introduced by Jack Zipes
Illustrated by Irvine Peacock
Check out Chapter 1, here.