Check out the new animated cover for The Gamble by John Sides and Lynn Vavreck

As noted in an earlier post, we are trying something completely new by publishing e-chapters from The Gamble: Choice and Chance in the 2012 Presidential Election well ahead of book publication, so why not try something new with the jacket as well? Here you have the perfect image for a book about the close presidential election, the teetering White House alternately dipping to the red and blue.

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I couldn’t find too many other animated book jackets — do you know of others? Leave a link in the comments below to other animated book jackets.



  1. Very nice book cover you’ve created! 🙂 It’s quite a good depiction of the uncertain future of our white house. Thanks for posting the link to My Soul To Steal animated book cover, beautiful! I hope publishers start using these more often, they really bring the cover to life. Plus, it gives cover artists a way to convey their message in a way they can’t do with a physical book!

  2. To animate or not is the option here but a cover with a little twist is really great! This simple animation of yours is great! I can rate it as second on rank with that My Soul to Steal from YA novel. Never saw any better than that one.

  3. I love these animated jackets………..great marketing move