The Lure of a Fairy Tale

Ever ponder the alluring quality of a fairy tale? …The curious draw of Disney adaptations of these tales? …Or the possible origins and evolution of any given tale, rhyme, or story? In his latest book, The Irresistible Fairy Tale, author Jack Zipes explains why societies use fairy tales to give meaning to human life. Why were fairy tales created and how far back can we trace their beginnings? Why are these stories retold, reimagined, and continually reappearing from antiquity to modern times? Zipes argues:

“We cannot explain why the origins of the fairy tale are so inexplicable and elusive. But we can elucidate why they continue to be irresistible and breathe memetically through us, offering hope that we can change ourselves while changing the world” (20).

In his exploration of how and why fairy tales shape human nature and our world, Zipes offers the reader a profound view of the fairy tale, and a take on the nature of these tales that results from his many years of devotion to the genre.

Eager to take a look? Check out Chapter 1 of The Irresistible Fairy Tale, here.


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