The Olympic Flame passes in front of Princeton University Press!

9th July 2012

52 days after it embarked upon its historic journey across the UK, the Olympic Flame finally arrived in Oxfordshire.

There was a feeling of excitement in the air as crowds lined the streets of Woodstock, the historic town which has been home to PUP Europe since it opened its UK office in January 2000.


The red, white and blue spectators cheered and waved their flags as a convoy of sponsors’ lorries warmed up the crowd with cheerleaders and loud pop music. Even our humanities editor Ben Tate had a boogie.
The torch was carried through Woodstock by Clive Stone, who has campaigned for better access to cancer treatments in the UK and was instrumental in the creation of the Cancer Drugs Fund. Prime Minister, David Cameron, who is MP for nearby Witney, made an appearance.
PUP Europe was well represented, with our youngest fan proudly wearing the Princeton UP baseball cap! We may not have tickets to the Olympics, but at least a little bit of the Olympics came to us. You can see a video of the Olympic Torch filmed from a PUP office window at this YouTube page.



  1. Looking forward for this years Olympic games!

  2. This is awesome, I can imagine about the feeling and excitement the torch had provided. These snaps are nice including your video. The feeling can’t get better than this. Princeton University just rocks!


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