Eco-Republic – Honor Book, 2012 NJCH Book Award to Melissa Lane, author of Eco-Republic: What the Ancients Can Teach Us about Ethics, Virtue, and Sustainable Living, for winning Honor Book for the 2012 NJCH Book Award, offered by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.

According to the NJCH website: “Each year NJCH recognizes individuals whose exemplary work in the public humanities has made a significant and lasting difference in the lives of New Jerseyans. The Council recognizes and lauds their signal contributions.”

Eco-Republic reveals why we must rethink our political imagination if we are to meet the challenges of climate change and other urgent environmental concerns. The book goes beyond standard approaches to virtue ethics in philosophy and current debates about happiness in economics and psychology. Eco-Republic explains why health is a better standard than happiness for capturing the important links between individual action and social good, and diagnoses the reasons why the ancient concept of virtue has been sorely neglected yet is more relevant today than ever. Melissa Lane is professor of politics at Princeton University. She is the author of Method and Politics in Plato’s “Statesman” and Plato’s Progeny: How Plato and Socrates Still Captivate the Modern Mind.

Check out Chapter 1 of Eco-Republic here.