This Week’s Book Giveaway

Last week, Princeton University Press announced the acquisition of the WILDGuides natural history list and the formation of our new imprint: Princeton WILDGuides. This week, we’re giving you the opportunity to win one of the great books in Princeton WILDGuides as part of this week’s book giveaway!

The Jewel Hunter
Chris Gooddie

A tale of one man’s obsession with rainforest jewels, this is the story of an impossible dream: a quest to see every one of the world’s most elusive avian gems—a group of birds known as pittas—in a single year.

Insightful, compelling, and laugh-out-loud funny, this is more than a book about birds. It’s a true story detailing the lengths to which a man will go to escape his midlife crisis. A travelogue with a difference, it follows a journey from the suburban straitjacket of High Wycombe to the steamy, leech-infested rainforests of remotest Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Dangerous situations, personal traumas, and logistical nightmares threaten The Jewel Hunter’s progress. Will venomous snakes or razor-clawed bears intervene? Or will running out of fuel mid-Pacific ultimately sink the mission? The race is on. . . .

If you’ve ever yearned to escape your day job, wondered what makes men tick, or simply puzzled over how to make a truly world-class cup of tea, this is a book for you.

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