Peter J. Dougherty profiled in Princeton Magazine

Peter J. Dougherty, the Director of Princeton University Press, has been profiled in Princeton Magazine. The interviewer, Ellen Gilbert, quizzes Peter about the role of university presses, his experiences at Princeton University Press, and the future of books.

Peter, who began working at the Press as a senior economics editor in 1992 and was appointed Director in 2005, names Robert J. Shiller as a particularly influential PUP author:

There are many authors whom I’m particularly proud to have published, perhaps the most prominent of them being Yale economist Robert Shiller. In 2000, we published Shiller’s Irrational Exuberance, the book widely credited for having predicted the bursting of the stock market bubble. This spring we will be publishing Bob’s new book, Finance and the Good Society, in which he lays out the terms of a healthy and constructive relationship between Wall Street and a thriving market democracy. 

Read the rest of the Princeton Magazine interview here for other fascinating tidbits about the relationship between the Press and the University and whether we give Princeton faculty preferential treatment when it comes to publication, whether Peter owns an e-Reader and how he uses it, and the robustness of our e-publishing program.


  1. Nathan Freeman says:

    I’ve been reading Princeton Magazine for a few months now (my cousin often brings one, even back issues) and I got hooked. And what made me more happy is that Peter Dougherty has finally got a spot on the cover of Princeton Magazine.