Tim Chartier’s rating method explained

In this Huffington Post article, Tim Chartier explains the method he uses for filling in his bracket.


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From Tim’s article:

It’s March. This past Sunday, the first round match-ups in the Division I NCAA Men’s basketball tournament were announced and with that, the madness began! Sports channels offer (seemingly, if not literally) nonstop analysis on the match-ups. Over the next few days, millions of people will decide how to fill out a bracket. They use a variety of techniques ranging from one’s preference of mascots to personal algorithms based on one’s knowledge of the season. Even with over 5 million brackets submitted to ESPN alone last year, there has never been a perfect bracket submitted to ESPN, CBS or Yahoo Sports. Surprising? Keep in mind, there are 9,233,372,036,854,775,808 (which is said 9 quintillion) ways to fill out a 64-team bracket.

Want some help? Turn to algebra.