This Week’s Book Giveaway

Wildflower Wonders: The 50 Best Wildflower Sites in the World
by Bob Gibbons

Wildflower Wonders showcases the most spectacular displays of wild blooms on the planet, from infrequent flowerings in the Mojave and other deserts to regular but no less stunning alpine wildflower “events” in Italy, South Africa, and Australia. This magnificently illustrated volume features 200 panoramic, full-color photographs as well as a color map for every site and at-a-glance information panels that highlight the kinds of flowers at each location and the best times to see them in bloom. The informative text gives a botanical profile of each location, and also describes the ecology and conservation status of these sites and the animal life to be found at them.

A book unlike any other, Wildflower Wonders is a visual feast for travelers and armchair naturalists alike.


-Showcases the most spectacular wild flowerings on the planet

-Features 200 full-color photos

-Describes noteworthy flower species, ecology, conservation status, and animal life

-Includes color maps and at-a-glance information panels









“This stunningly beautiful book provides a wealth of information about when and where to see the world’s most impressive displays of wildflowers. The text is a pleasure to read and readily conveys the author’s enthusiasm for his subject. Wildflower lovers will be easily seduced by the vast flower-filled landscapes and intimate portraits of individual species. I can think of no other book like it.”—Carol Gracie, coauthor of Wildflowers in the Field and Forest

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