January 17th, 2012: Olivier Zunz at Zócalo Public Square, “Is Philanthropy too Powerful?”

Olivier Zunz, author of Philanthropy in America, will be speaking at Zócalo Public Square on January 17th at the Goethe-Institut of Los Angeles:

“Charity has been around for as long as humankind, but philanthropy as we know it is much younger. Launched by titans like Andrew Carnegie and enshrined in the U.S. tax code, philanthropy in America is big business—as well-funded, by some measurements, as the Pentagon. While non-political in principle, philanthropy strongly influences politics and public policy, and government views the nonprofit sector as both a partner and a competitor. But is the sway of philanthropy good for society? Or are charities just one more way for the contributors to achieve their agendas? University of Virginia historian Olivier Zunz, author of Philanthropy in America: A History, visits Zócalo to explore the origins of modern American philanthropy—and whether its power is a good thing.”

More information can be found at the Zócalo Public Square website, and feel free to RSVP to the Facebook event!