Two New Catalogs – Religion and Anthropology

We invite you to browse and download two new catalogs featuring great books by great authors.

In the religion catalog you can check out the Lives of Great Religious Books series with books by Garry Wills, Donald S. Lopez, Jr., and Martin E. Marty. You will also find new books from Robert Wuthnow, Paula Fredriksen, Mark Chaves, Leora Batnitzky, Peter Schäfer and Timothy Matovina – just to name a few.

Follow the link to the religion catalog:

In the anthropology catalog look for new books by Chloe Silverman, Peter Benson, Junko Kitanaka, Stephen J. Collier, Duana Fullwiley, and Marcia C. Inhorn. Forthcoming this May are books by Partha Chatterjee, Thomas Blom Hansen, and a book by Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi. Be the first to check them out in the catalog.

Follow the link to the anthropology catalog:

Both catalogs have many more new titles and your favorites now in paperback.  Enjoy browsing.