Reinventing Discovery reviewed in Nature Physics

Reinventing Discovery by Michael Nielsen is just shipping to stores this week, so the timing couldn’t be better for this terrific review in Nature Physics from Timo Hannay. The first paragraph does a great job of laying out the big picture of the book:

Like so many fields of human activity, science is in the midst of a digital revolution. Yet the changes we have seen so far are no more than a prelude, with much bigger ones still to come. Researchers have generally been slow to embrace new technologies and practices, and this new era of networked science will only reach its potential when it becomes more open, necessitating new incentive structures and a culture of openness throughout research. Those, in short, are Michael Nielsen’s messages. His stated aim is to encourage this transition by “lighting an almighty fire under the scientific community” to inspire “a second open science revolution”. For although this book is ostensibly about science in the Internet age, it is equally a manifesto for openness in research. Is he right, and will he succeed? In my opinion, yes and maybe.

Click through to read the complete article — it is free online until November 1.