Astronomer Avi Loeb describes how the first stars and galaxies formed

Before we get all the way back to the Big Bang, there may have been a time when stars like our Sun and galaxies like our Milky Way did not exist, because the Universe was denser than it is now. Harvard professor Avi Loeb explores how and when the first stars and galaxies formed in this talk taped at the Santa Barbara Museum of Science.

We are the publishers of Loeb’s recent book titled, appropriately enough, How Did the First Stars and Galaxies Form?


  1. John McGills says:

    Avi Loeb is a truly professional in his field, I have the honor to meet him personally a few years ago and had a chat about time and other dimensions. I will remember that glass of wine with him for a long time… It is for this kind of people that the world is richer today! I suggest all of you to buy his books, you will learn a lot! Best Regards, John McGills.