Video Series–Daniel Hamermesh explains why “Beauty Pays”

The Economic Benefits of Beauty

Could looks amount to a 12% difference in wages between two people?

Consider what UT Economist and PUP author Daniel Hamermesh has to say about beauty’s impact on economic benefits:

This is the fourth of five videos in which Hamermesh explains some of the research he did for Beauty Pays. Tomorrow: “The scarcity of beauty.”


  1. This video and the facts presented seem to be undesirably true. In my opinion, due to the path media and television have taken by making beauty a glamorous trait that we cannot live without, beauty in the workplace has taken hold in society. Not only in America but around the world has this beautification-epidemic shattered true thought. AS I watch television or a movie, I can see the strain of “having to have beauty” in virtually every dialogue. The workplace is no different. I can easily understand how a woman with fantastic looks can make more money than a woman with less. The same goes for men. Sad, but true. This is a great video.