Pterosaurs are almost here!

Are you a big fan of flying reptiles?

Here at the PUP, we certainly are.  Last year we gave you a sneak peak at a book we have in development with author Mark Witton on Pterosaurs.  If you are not quite sure what a Pterosaur is, here’s an image to give you an idea:

(Cool, right?)

That’s why we at the press are very pleased to announce the launch of Mark Witton’s new blog, at which you can find more of the beautiful images and information about Pterosaurs (such as this characterization by Witton himself: “Even the boring ones have natty looking teeth and preposterous bodily proportions, while more extreme variants wouldn’t look out of place in a Guillermo del Toro movie.”)

The site also features a new excerpt from the upcoming book.

Check it out, and stay on the lookout for more news about the Pterosaurs release!