Recognizing an ethical dilemma is not as simple as you may think

PUP author Max Bazerman recently posted a video on the website Big Think in which he addresses the problem of recognizing ethical dilemmas.

In the video he considers the case of Bernie Madoff.  How did the very intelligent people working with Madoff fail to see that his returns were too good to be true?  Bazerman argues that “we often behave contrary to our best ethical intentions without knowing it.”

This concept is the basis for Blind Spots, the book he co-wrote with Ann Tenbrunsel.  In it they explore cases where groups of people either willingly participate in–or seem to willingly ignore–actions that they should easily recognize as unethical.

The video presents a fascinating new way to understand the Madoff scandal, and cases like it.  Check it out, and pick up a copy of Blind Spots to learn more about “how we can become more ethical, bridging the gap between who we are and who we want to be.”