Update from PUP Europe

It’s easy to forget that much of the work publishers do continues after a book is “published” and hits the bookstores.  This is particularly true of licensing foreign language rights to books.  The sale of foreign rights- crucial for an author’s ideas to reach the largest possible audience-  begins well before publication but continues for months and even years after original publication.  It’s gratifying to see a book, when well received in the Anglophine world, continue to build an international audience and flourish.  This past week saw two significant rights sales.  Patricia Churchland’s Braintrust will be published in Korean by the Humanist Publishing Company (with previous deals for this book in Italian and Japanese), while Victor Davis Hanson’s Makers of Ancient Strategy will be published in Arabic.  

PUP books also continued to get attention in Europe this week.  Emma Rothschild’s book The Inner Life of Empires received warm reviews in The Scotsman and The Spectator.

In addition, on July 11th, I represented PUP at the Oxford University Humanities Research Showcase.  David Willetts MP, Minister for Universities and Science, opened this event with a presentation on the central importance of the humanities.  A number of Oxford academics then described their world leading research, while a distinguished group of scholars, including our European Advisory Board member Jonathan Bate, debated the value of the humanities.  It was a very interesting afternoon, and an important reminder that a thriving humanities program is central to the mission of the university – and the university press. 

By Al Bertrand

Publishing Director, Europe