For centuries the swallow’s arrival has heralded summer for people all over
Europe. But it wasn’t until the 20th century that scientists discovered where the
bird disappeared to in winter. Even now that we know the truth about migration,
it still seems barely conceivable that such a fragile-looking creature can complete
an annual 20,000-km (12,400-mile) round-trip to South Africa and back. -Mike Unwin, from The Atlas of Birds

The Atlas of Birds:
Diversity, Behavior, and Conservation

by Mike Unwin

The Atlas of Birds captures the breathtaking diversity of birds, and illuminates their conservation status around the world. Full-color maps show where birds are found, both by country and terrain, and reveal how an astounding variety of behavioral adaptations—from flight and feeding to nest building and song—have enabled them to thrive in virtually every habitat on Earth. Maps of individual journeys and global flyways chart the amazing phenomenon of bird migration, while bird classification is explained using maps for each order and many key families.

The maps are supported by an authoritative text that uses the very latest data and case studies from BirdLife International. Packed with sumptuous photos, original diagrams, and imaginative graphics that bring the numbers to life, this book is a stunning and timely insight into perhaps the most colorful and intriguing group of organisms on our planet.

•    The premier illustrated atlas of bird diversity, behavior, and conservation
•    Features full-color maps, photos, and diagrams
•    Covers bird evolution, classification, and behavior
•    Describes the complex relationship between birds and their habitats
•    Explores the impact of human activities on species survival
•    Illustrates where and why birds are most under threat—and how to protect them

Mike Unwin is a natural history writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in leading publications such as Birds, Bird Watching, and Birdwatch. His many books include the RSPB Guide to Birdwatching and Southern African Wildlife: A Visitor’s Guide.

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